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“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, "Oh there you are. I've been looking for you.”

I'm Orian. I strongly believe Harry and Louis are in a committed relationship.

Louis gives me a boner

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Posted on 21 April, 2014


the fact that harry can fly so hard under the radar when he wants to only makes it more suspicious when hes being conspicuous 

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I love learning new things 

"Next time someone says to you, ‘if I were you’, stop them and say ‘well you aren’t’"

—  Kanye West (via wanduring)

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Posted on 21 April, 2014
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Hi—Susie the Moderator had asked if I wanted to submit something, and after a gap of many days, I have. If you have moved on and no longer need this, lemme know. I’m just proud that I stopped writing before I actually hit book length.

Stuff like this usually goes on my SemiticSemantics site,…

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If you don't believe some of what they say, it doesn't make it a conspiracy. All celebrities lie about one thing or another or do some kind of PR.


A conspiracy meaning that there is some agreed to level of deception going on in order to hide something.

Look, if you choose not to believe just one of any of these things:

  • Harry introduced Louis and Eleanor via a friend at his bakery
  • Louis and Eleanor started dating on November 17th 2011
  • Louis and Eleanor were together on a date at the V Fest in late August 2011
  • Louis cooked his first ever meal of chicken parma ham and mozzarella for Eleanor
  • that Modest hasn’t chaperoned them on dates or taken photos of them
  • that Louis and Eleanor have never staged pap walks
  • that they have never done anything for promo or PR together
  • that Eleanor is private and can’t even have a twitter
  • that Louis got Eleanor both cakes, including the Taylor Swift one
  • that all of Louis’ tattoos mean absolutely nothing
  • that Louis gave up his friendship to Harry because of the rumors in order to prioritize her over the band and that it is all Louis’ fault for the separation between them, separate interviews, no time in a movie together, onstage, an 8 hour livestream, that he has entirely divided and re-structured the entire band just to limit any interaction between him and Harry so that people aren’t mean to Eleanor on twitter
  • that Harry really dated Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Caroline Flack, etc etc etc
  • that also, as of mid 2013, Harry had only slept with 2 people his entire life
  • that Louis and Harry have never acted or expressed to each other in any way anything which could be construed as romantic or sexual
  • that the Wellington video isn’t really them

If you believe any of these things are not true then you accept that they’re lying to you, that they have deliberately agreed with each other to say or do things in order to lie to you and portray a situation which is not true. People lie only to cover something up, so what is being covered up or hidden in this equation?


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"new one direction video coming out soon"

"directed by ben winston"

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literally nothing gets me more frustrated than people who don’t understand how important louis is to every aspect of that band

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"what do you do for fun"


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